Here at the Career Guidance

Here at the Career Guidance website we are keen to give you expert guidance to help you choose the right career path. If you have already made some headway in a particular career but have started to feel unhappy or dissatisfied, fear not, for the world is still one of possibilities, and you can still investigate what would be required to take a new career route.

Many people experience just such a situation,

Many people experience just such a situation, and find themselves in a position where it makes sense to retrain for a new kind of ro le in an entirely different profession. With hard work and dedication, it can be done. You can try any of these career that will make you happy and satisfied. If want to get involved with the Career Guidance website you can get in touch with our team directly.


Do you just need career guidance is when you are at school?

Many people think that the only time you need career guidance is when you are at school. Then you have a few meetings with a careers adviser to set you on your merry way, and then that is it - you are on your own for the next fifty years. It doesn't work like that andshouldn't work like that. Unlike 50 years ago, most people do not now choose a career when they leave school and then stick to the path until they retire.

They change their mind, they change career, they retrain, they go down a different path. There are many moments in life when you might consider a change of career, and therefore might seek the help of a careers adviser. Many people in the last few years have been seeking career guidance after redundancy as they find themselves out of the job they have been in for a long time, with little prospect of finding a new job in that field.

As an employee or potential employee, it is vital that you know your rights when it comes to employment law. This is particularly the case when it comes to signing employment contracts. Don't just blindly sign whatever is put in front of you. Take a look at this site - - for information about compromise agreement and other employment law issues. One false move at the start of your job could make a big difference to your future career.  

It is therefore a good idea if you find yourself in that situation to seek career advice, as you are opening up your opportunities and prospects, giving yourself far more chance of getting back into work. Whatever your age or your skills level, you should not be afraid to seek help and see how we might able to get you back in to work.

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