Welcome to the Career Guidance website

TrainingWelcome to the Career Guidance website. Our site has been created with the intention of providing a one stop portal for Career Guidance, where interested parties can find all the information and links they need. All children will face the same difficulty: their teachers and family member will eventually begin asking them the same question, endlessly, until they receive an answer. What do you want to do when you are older? How will you make a living? It’s difficult for anyone, just leaving their childhood behind, to already have an idea about which career path they want to take. As well grow up, our wants and needs inevitably change. Your youthful plans and career dreams may no longer apply to your current hobbies and interests, and such change and growth is natural and common. You should always be open to other career options and opportunities in life.

For those still at school, you will need to start developing an idea about which careers are most relevant to your interests and abilities. You’ll need to make an effort to start researching different jobs and careers, as well as what is required for you to receive employment in such a role or sector. Taking a career assessment test might help you in your decision making, as the results will indicate what your abilities are most suited to. If you score highly in science or mathematics, for example, you might be better suited to a more technical role. We are always happy to hear your views and feedback regarding the Career Guidance website.

Please Note: The Career Guidance website is not connected to the old Careers Portal website. If you wish to know more about the Careers Portal website please contact them directly.